30 things about U/us meme.

1. There is no particular side of the bed we sleep on. We change from top to tail, both at the other end and randomly swapping over left to right to make spooning easier. lol

2. Nicole is the first person in my life to connect and respond with my rescued dog. (that my dog connected to also)

3. The only time you will find us on one level is when we are small, and our Littles play together.

4. Kate is very Dominant in bed.

5. Nicole is not.

6. W/we have lived together longer than we have been dating.

7. Nicole makes me toast, tea and a cigarette in a morning without fail. She has never not done this for me.

8. We met in a pub, where Nicole was as drunk as a Fart but still remembered me. (Solihull munch)

9. We have owned a cat together, but very quickly decided upon it not being a great idea.

10. As a couple we are strong, solid and balanced. We have met one another before in a previous life.

11. We are Leather. We live Leather. It’s in mine, and her blood. Our dynamic never changes, unless a reason for that arises.

12. We share a momma, but have separate daddies. This works exceptionally well. (Me being her daddy and me having my own)

13. I will marry her one day.

14. Nicole moved to wales for me. I moved to Birmingham for her. Two selfless acts to seal our love from the start.

15. Nicole has 3 times more clothes than I, but never seems to wear them.

16. Nicole always likes to be naked. WHERE ever she is.

17. I love star wars.. She loves my little pony. Together we are super cute as Littles, as it comes from within.

18. We LOVE couple friends.

19. Together we take midnight walks with the pooch.

20. We live in a small flat which we have fallen in love with as our home. I cannot remember when it was mine.

21. Nicole taught me to open my heart again.

21. I taught Nic to close hers when necessary.

22. We love helping people as a couple.

23. We love dancing together.

24. We love fucking in public. It’s just our thing. We adore a good floor show.

25. I think we’re probably secret swingers.

26. We explore sex on a mutual level for fun, and to try new toys in a way that instills confidence between us and have a laugh.

26. Nicole is never ever bratty. Kate despises bratty behavior.

27. Our favourite mutual colour is hunter green.

28. Nicole and I are secret die hard musical fans. Rent, pitch perfect, Repo, the genetic opera..

29. I will always be the butch, and Nicole will always be femme, but I still use her make up and Nicole still wears my baggy clothes.

30. We stole this off Josh and Freckle. Bah.


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