I want to bottom.

I want to feel the rush of fear and anticipation as I’m waiting to be put on stage underneath your light and scrutiny.

I want to panic, to question whether it’s really going to go that far, am I really able to take it, what if it’s too much?.. What if, what if? I want to trust you. I want you to take me there if you can.

I want to step into your space knowing that I know my place and you know yours. That were not confused who’s in charge and that you know exactly how to handle me.

Many have tried. Many have failed.

I want to feel the sting of a slap knowing it comes from a mutual place of love and ache. That you ache to inflict your pain on me.. That I’m worthy to take it. Beginning the beautiful dance of power exchange. .

I want to feel your desire to hurt me, sense your hungry need for me to endure your pain, to be your toy. I want to scream through the gag you’ve yanked over my head as my eyes fill up and you make me take it. A wild connection that forces us into animalistic behaviours and imitations. I want to gasp for air as you control my intake, forced to my knees and be put in my place.

I don’t look like I want it.. But I do.

I want to find the darkest corner of my mind and exploit it.. I want to push myself past the point of no return.. I want to come back from it not broken but my better in my own backwards process.

I want to drip with need whilst you terrorise the sexual ache out of me… Whilst you toy with my mind.. Whilst I’m yours in that moment.

For that moment I belong to You.

Just for the moment, I am Yours.

I know the dance, it’s familiar and intriguing.. I’ve heard it calling me for a while, I’ve heard the melody lightly playing in my ear. I’ve played the tune with My own fuck toy.

Ive had a taste and it’s wet the appetite..

I want to bottom, and I think I might just indulge that.



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