So it’s a running joke that most of my life I never thought to take a contraception pill. You’d think the thought would cross my mind but being a lesbian it’s not something I’ve ever figured would be any use to me. For some reason it was never offered to help ward off my chronically painful periods, bloating, heavy bleeding and upset stomach. This accompanied terrible mood changes and emotional outbursts until I was 27. 

For a while I tried the combined pill. Take for 21 days have a 7 day break. My periods came into line and after a few months I felt the benefit.  Some months were symptom free.

After 3 months on the Q I felt my mood begin to drop. The next two cycles were horrendous, painful, out of control, emotional and mood changing. Rather than blaming a mental health problem I quickly packed off to the Dr’s and changed my pill to a different one. Yasmin I believe, a different type of pill and So far so good. 

It’s amazing how much better it feels when you begin to manage out of control behaviours and take responsibility. When you start to realise that you’re probably doing x, y, and z for a reason that you can understand and try to examine it. 

It’s nice to not feel  like some mental breakdown is occurring everytime I’m bleeding and having the ability to sit back and be objective without panic  or emotion clouding my clarity. 

Maybe it’s just the hormones… 



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