I have put over 3 stone since I’ve started to take quetiapine. It has such an effect on my hunger that I eat endlessly and in the middle of the night. I’ve just taken control of my mental health and stopped spinning out of control. Now I’ve got some control. I’ve awoke  From my depression and I’m huge. 

Of course it’s my responsibility to keep an eye on my food intake but I’ve genuinely felt it impossible to do so. I’ve been on them for almost 6 months and I’m only just now starting to feel my condition isnt hopeless and have had a few days where I’ve felt positive toward the future. 

In the new year and whilst waiting for spring to come upon us I’m going to work on my intake and add in some gentle exercise to get myself going and be able to try and shift some of the weight otherwise it will eat away at my self esteem and confidence and defy the whole point of recovery. For me anyway. 

So here’s to a cleaner much healthier future to add in amongst all the personal battles I’m fighting. I’m feeling stronger and so hope this holds out enough for me to gain some strength and get onto my feet properly. 

I aced Christmas. First time for everything. 🙂 


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